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Tests and examinations have always been a feature of secondary school life, and crop up at various times for each year group. Year 11 trial GCSE examinations take place in December and public examinations take place in May and June. Other important coursework deadlines, module tests and AS examinations take place at different points in the year.

Parents are advised to check dates with the school before planning holidays or other periods away from home so that important dates for assessments are not missed.  Any loss of school time is highly undesirable and is bound to affect students’ progress.

2016 GCSE Results at the end of Key Stage 4 

Percentage of students within grade ranges:

% 5+  A*-G Idsall 99
National 2015 92
% 5+  A*-C Idsall 73
National 2015 65
% gaining basics (Both English / Maths A*-C) Idsall 65
National 2015 58
Attainment 8 Idsall 5.20 (C+)
National 2015 Not available
Progress 8 Idsall -0.10
National 2015 Not available
% achieving Ebacc Idsall 12
National 2015 24
Destination - % of NEETS
(not in education, employment or training)
Idsall 0.49
National 2015 Not available
Average capped points per pupil Idsall 329
National 2015 306
5+A*C (including English and Maths) Idsall 63
National 2015 306
% of students who made expected progress in English Idsall 70
National 2015 69
% of students who made expected progress in Maths Idsall 68
National 2015 66
% achieving A*-C English Idsall 72
National 2015 71
% achieving A*-C Maths Idsall 78
National 2015 70
2016 GCE Results at the end of Key Stage 5 

(A/AS level or equivalent):

Average points per entry 218 (C+)
Students gaining at least
3 A Level A*-E or equivalent
A*-E passes at A Level or equivalent 99%
Vocational Level 3  Distinction* minus

 A full record of public examination results is available from the school.

Exam Revision 

We have a 'Homestudy' page under the Students menu, which lists a number of homework and exam revision web sites as well as various exam revision techniques compiled by the school.  We hope students find them useful in revising and performing during their exams to give them the best chance of being successful.

Any queries concerning exams should be directed to Idsall's Exams Officer, telephone 01952 468452 or email