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Year 7 - Letter to Parents - House Hill Walk on 17th July 2017

This letter is to explain about the House Hill Walk which your child will have the opportunity to take part in on Monday 17th July 2017.

This walk is intended to be a physical challenge in preparation for the Year 8 I.D. programme which is actually known as the Year 8 challenge. More information about this programme will be sent to you nearer the time.

We aim to launch the programme with the Hill Walk on July 17th for all Year 7 students. On this day pupils in Year 7 will walk up their respective House Hills: Wrekin, Ragleth, Longmynd and Caradoc.  Pupils will leave school at 9.05am and will travel by coach to the starting points.  Coaches will return in time to meet the school buses at the end of the day. At least four members of staff will accompany each group; including at least one of whom has experience of leading outdoor activities of this type.  This person will also have the requisite qualifications.  The pupils will be supervised at all times during the day.  Students will be given further instructions as to what they are required to bring for the day nearer the time.

The walk is well within the capabilities of most Year 7 students and we would expect everyone to take part.  However, if your son/daughter has a medical condition, which would make the walk unsuitable for them, please indicate on the reply slip attached or contact me at school.

We do hope you feel able to support this venture by giving permission for your child to attend this trip for which there is a cost of £6.00 per student. Under the requirements of the Education Reform Act 1996 we can only raise the cost of the visit through voluntary contributions. There is no obligation to contribute and students will not be treated differently according to whether or not any contribution has been made. However, the visit can only take place if the level of support is sufficient. Please indicate on the reply slip if you wish to apply for financial help as we can support families on low income who may be eligible to apply for assistance for their son/daughter through the school.

The deadline for reply slip and payment return is Monday 5th June 2017. Please return your reply slip and payment to the Finance Office as soon as possible. Cheques should be made payable to “Idsall School Fund”. I am pleased to say that the school can now accept payments online, along with either cash or cheques handed into the Finance Office.  Online payments can be made via ParentPay and it offers you the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - safe in the knowledge that the technology used is of the highest internet security available. However, please remember to ask your child to hand in your reply slip AND consent form even if you make an online payment.

Parents and students should also be aware that if a student’s behaviour becomes unacceptable, including the inappropriate use of social media, then the school reserves the right to exclude them from the trip.  If this action were to be necessary then the school would reimburse payments in full.

We hope that you will feel able to support your child in the Year 8 Challenge.  If you have any queries or concerns about it do not hesitate to contact me at school.  Please complete and return the attached reply slip ensuring you complete both sides of the form and return it to the Finance Office at school by Monday 5th June 2017.

Yours faithfully

P M O’Carroll

Mrs P M O’Carroll
Head of I.D and Year 8 Challenge Co-ordinator