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Update on Coppice Green Lane Traffic Congestion

Important information to parents from Mr Bourton.

I thought I would bring you up to date on the issues regarding coach access to Idsall School that is currently causing some complications and to advise you what action is being taken by the School to try to resolve this.

Prior to half term, following a very negative media campaign, coach operators advised their drivers not to mount the kerb on Coppice Green Lane which is not wide enough in parts for two coaches to pass. As they are not allowed to reverse without a qualified banksmen, they were instructed to call the police and wait for assistance. As I’m sure you’re aware this has caused huge disruption to traffic flow which is affecting our coaches, parents and staff as well as local residents.

We immediately met with the Transport Department from Shropshire County Council and coach operators to try and find a solution as well as liaising with the Shropshire County Council Highway Department. Prior to half term we had numerous staff holding coaches on site and then releasing them when all had arrived to minimise the chance of meeting on the road and blocking it.

All coach operators were prepared to support this for a week giving Highways the opportunity to come up with a temporary solution as suggested at the meeting but bus operators were very clear that after half term they could not continue to wait on site as they have other commitments.

Whilst the responsibility of the road sits solely with Highways, Idsall School is committed to the safety of our students and trying to get the highways department to successfully resolve the situation.

Highways did send engineers to site and suggested a long term plan to widen the road and considered a temporary solution until this could be done. We are currently awaiting a final decision from this meeting.

In the short term we have a team of staff going out to meet the buses if they become blocked and to safely unload the students and walk them into school along the footpath. Bus operators are supporting this and not allowing students off the bus until a member of staff is present and sufficient staff line the route into school.

Whilst I am sure you will agree this situation is very frustrating, however we are committed to managing the safety of students until Highways can resolve the current dilemma. In the meantime, we will continue to liaise with Highways and send staff out to ensure the safety of our students.

I hope that I can report a successful solution to you shortly.

Pete Bourton