Lego Robotics STEM Club's Success in National Finals

Posted: 27/06/2016

 STEM Club Final DesignOur Year 7&8 STEM club* have been busy during session 6 building a Lego robot. They had to design their robot to complete a series of 7 space missions. The students spent many weeks perfecting their design and then working on programming it so it correctly moved around the space themed floor mat. The students also worked together to research into possible uses of robots in space and produced a presentation on 3 different types of robot. The STEM club team were entered in to a National competition called the Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge. The regional heat for the competition was at RAF Cosford museum and in the week before the students worked extra hard to ensure the robot was performing as well as it could.

The students had four challenges to complete:

  • Lego robot challenge—space missions
  • A presentation on space robots
  • A discussion with the judges about their robot design
  • Teamwork challenge—building an air powered K-NEX car.

The students were fantastic in all four challenges. The robot didn’t quite score full marks on the first space missions run but the team had another chance and the best mark from the 2 runs counted. On their second attempt the robot worked perfectly and maximum points were scored.

They knew they had done well in the robot space missions but they had to wait until the end of the day before the results were in from all four challenges. They were overjoyed to find out they had not only won just the robot challenge section but the overall competition, this meant they had a place in the National Final at Coventry. They had a week to make some small improvements to their robot before competing against teams from all over the country.

The students were again fantastic at the National Final and performed well in all four challenges including great teamwork among themselves. They were one of only two schools who scored maximum marks in both runs in the robot space challenge. Although they didn’t win the overall prize at the National Finals they did win another trophy for the robot challenge section of the competition.

* A STEM Club is any out-of-timetable session that gives school students the chance to explore aspects of science, technology, engineering and maths.

 STEM Club Group Photo      STEM Club Trophy

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