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Gifted & Talented in Sports

The Physical Education department at Idsall School continually strive to develop pupil’s healthy lifestyles through curriculum lessons and extra-curricular provision. Through assessment procedures the staff monitor pupil progress in P.E regularly throughout the year and track pupil achievement during curriculum and school sport involvement. This enables us to celebrate the success of pupils when participating in session six clubs and in representing the school.

We are obviously aware that many of our pupils are involved in sport outside of school and with your support we are looking to update our Gifted and Talented register during this academic year. This will enable us to celebrate the sporting success our pupils achieve outside of school and will also give us the opportunity to nurture and support young athletes whilst in school. Through the identification of our Gifted and Talented students, the PE department can offer a mentoring system where pupils can liaise with staff about training and competition commitments and report on results and achievements. We will also be offering a special day out linked to being Gifted and Talented in sport.     

The Gifted and Talented programme is aimed at pupils who are training or competing in sports at district, county, regional, national and international levels within their sport. To collect the relevant information about our pupils, an information form can be collected from the PE department by your son/daughter. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Bell if you have any queries, email

In addition, there are grants available via Shropshire Council to assist with any cost involved with the ongoing development of an individual pupil's gift. For example, these costs could be for the purchase of specialist equipment, specialist training, representation at national/international level, and so on. Please see their website for more details: