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House Points Totals
so far for 2015-2016

Caradoc Shield Longmynd Shield      Ragleth Shield       Wrekin





When students join Idsall School in Year 7 and the Sixth Form they are placed into 1 of 4 Houses – Long Mynd, Caradoc, Ragleth and Wrekin. These names represent 4 local hills and each student will walk up their respective hill as part of the Year 8 challenge and students remain in the same House throughout their school life. Placing students in Houses enables inter-school competition at all levels as well as creating a sense of belonging.   At the end of the year, the points gained during house matches are totalled up and the winning House receives the Finny Shield which has been awarded each year since 1957 when Idsall was known as Shifnal Modern School.


Each House has 2 captains from each year, 1 from the boys and 1 from the girls.
Year Captain Respsonsibilities:
  • To organise and select teams for your year groups competitions
  • To ensure ALL team members know when they are playing
  • To ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all irrespective of ability
  • To display team lists on the House notice boards
  • To receive trophies at end of term assemblies
  • To collect the views of your year group and pass them to 6th Form Captains when requested
  • To bring any issues affecting your year group to the attention of the 6th Form Captains
6th Form Captains & Vice Captains Responsibilities:
  • To meet with Mr Bradburne to plan each terms competitions
  • To lead house assemblies with staff support
  • To provide officials to support PE staff with the running of competitions
  • To provide inspiration and motivation to all pupils in their house
  • To manage year captains to ensure they are ready to compete
  • To provide information for their year captains such as dates, times and team sheets
  • To ensure the house notice boards are informative and well maintained (results and photos)
  • To collate the views of year groups gathered by the year captains and email them to Mrs DeVille when requested
  • To bring any (non-sport related) issues affecting a year group to the attention of Mrs DeVille if they are raised by year captains


Overall House Results for 2014-2015

Autumn Term 2016
House Match Programme


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