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Frequently Asked Questions

Parents contact the school for various reasons and here we have attempted to answer some of the most common questions and hope to add more in the near future:

Why doesn't my child seem to have enough homework to do? 

All students are expected to complete homework, and are issued with Home Study Planners to help them to keep organised and to hand it in on time. There is a timetable available which lists how much study time is expected per student for each subject. We like parents to check on homework and to contact the school if they are concerned about it in any way. See our "Homestudy" page under the STUDENTS menu for details.

Where can I buy new school uniform? 

Much of our school uniform and sports kit can be purchased from: Buxton & Bonnett in Wolverhampton, Bristows in Bridgnorth; Baker & Son in Wellington and Sportsjam Ltd in Shrewsbury. More information can be found on our "School Uniform" web page.  Ties and sew-on school badges (if not purchasing the complete blazer through the school) are available from the school office.

How does my child book the late bus if they are staying for Session 6? 

Pupils must report to reception at break time on the day they require transport home and book and pay for their place. The bus leaves school promptly at 4.15pm for Cosford, Albrighton, Priorslee, Randlay, Stirchley and Hollinswood and the cost is £1.50, unless pupils have an AT Brown bus pass, or a green late bus slip authorised by a teacher, in which case this charge does not apply. The green slip will only be authorised if the pupil is staying at school until 4pm for a teaching or learning need, which has been requested by a teacher. If they do not have money for the journey they will be asked to obtain a token from finance or telephone a parent to collect them. The late bus routes and maps can be found on the Session Six page. Please Note - There are no late buses after school on a Friday.

What does my child do if they lose or forget their dinner money? 

Pupils will be given a pink lunch meal token and this will entitle them to a sandwich and a piece of fruit to the value of £1.50. A text message will be sent to inform parents and we ask for the return of the £1.50 to the Finance Office the next day.

Who do I contact regarding taking my child out of school during term time for holidays? 

Idsall School asks parents to avoid arranging family holidays during term time unless there really is no alternative.

How do I pay for my child's school meals, trips, bus pass etc? 

We accept online payments via ParentPay ( as it offers parents the freedom to make payments whenever they like. This is the school's preferred method of receiving payments but cheques are still accepted, being made payable to 'Idsall School Fund'. Pupils should hand any cheques to the Finance Office during Registration, Break or Lunchtime.  Cash is also accepted but the school is unable to take card payments

How does my child rent a locker at the school? 

The school's lockers are managed by a company 'Independent Locker Solutions' and can be booked online at their website or a form can be downloaded and sent to them directly (

Where does my child go to enquire about lost property? 

Items of clothing found around the school are placed on the hooks outside the Caretakers' Office. If they are not claimed by the end of term they are then donated to a charity. Any personal/valuable items are handed into Reception. Any enquiries regarding lost sports wear/equipment should be directed to the PE Staffroom.

How do I notify the school that our home address or contact details have changed? 

It is extremely important to keep the school informed of changes in contact details in case we need to contact parents in an emergency. Either telephone the school on 01952 468400 or email them in to or drop in a letter. Alternatively, contact us.

What should we do if my child misses the bus? 

Alternative travel arrangements need to be made and you must call the school and let the Attendance Officers know your child will be late.

Do I have to send in a letter after my child has been absent even if I have already telephoned in? 

No, a letter is not necessary as your phone call will have been logged.

What is the student planner? 

The student planner is a way in which students record the homework they have been set, parents can check what homework their child has been given and when it is to be completed by. Parents can use the planner to write notes to the Form Tutor too. If your child loses their planner for some reason, then new ones can be purchased from the Finance Office during registration, break time, lunch or after school. The blue planners for years 7 to 9 cost £2.00 or 50p just for the insert, and £2.85 for the years 10 and 11 hardback versions.

If I have a problem/concern regarding my child who do I speak to? 

The school office may be able to answer your question directly or they may transfer you to the Student Support office (Mrs Lynn for Key Stage 3 or Mr Lamb for Key Stage 4) or possibly to another department. The most important thing to remember is we will help in any way we can – don’t be afraid to make contact!