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Safeguarding Alerts

Recent issues and trends that we would like to draw to parents' and carers' attention:

  • Date 05/04/2017 - We have been made aware of an on-line game that is spreading through social media called ‘Blue Whale’.  This game encourages young people to be involved in a ‘challenge and dare’ game and has led to incidents of self harming and suicide attempts amongst young people on the Continent – this worrying trend has recently been mentioned at a school in another part of the country.
  • Date 31/01/2017 - We have been advised by the Local Authority to raise awareness regarding the app MyLOL. The site advertises itself as a teen dating site where members are encouraged to update profiles and share pictures - concerns have been raised that it is being used by sexual predators. If your child has accessed this app it is strongly advised that you talk to your child about this and the advice is to delete the app and block the website.